To sell your property easily and at the desired price, it is recommended not to skip the steps. The sale of a property is a journey that can be long and complex. Here are some tips to help you sell your property with confidence.

Make mandatory diagnoses

This is not necessarily the most pleasant step, but carrying out the mandatory diagnostics is essential to selling a property, whether you go through an intermediary or not to carry out the transaction. The documents to be provided vary according to the type of property (house or apartment), but must always be issued by a certified diagnostician.

sell your property

Estimate your property

You probably have an idea of the price at which you want to sell your property, but is it representative of the local real estate market? The risk is always to overestimate the selling price and not find a buyer. It is also not in your interest to sell your property below its purchase price. A good transaction implies added value. So to know the right price for your property, have it estimated by a professional.

Make a real estate valuation

The real estate professional who will evaluate your property has a good knowledge of the real estate market, the prices currently charged and the criteria that make it possible to value a property (geographical location, exposure, outdoor spaces, layout, …). He will therefore be able to give you essential indications that can serve as arguments at the time of sale.

Enhance your property

Play devil’s advocate! Assume that you are selling your property to yourself and write down any details you would change. Based on this exercise, you can create a list of small jobs and repairs to be done before starting the tours. The lack of work to be done is often a strong argument. Remember: the buyer must be able to project himself into the home he visits. Enhance your property by performing the following tasks:

  • Clean the dwelling from top to bottom.
  • Remove custom objects.
  • Move bulky items to make the room more spacious.
  • Repaint damaged or stained walls.
  • Carry out the necessary work.

If you choose to use a real estate agency to sell your house, you can choose between three types of sales mandate: the simple mandate, the semi-exclusive mandate, and the exclusive mandate.