Our business is to listen to people. It is to put the interests of our clients first always. It’s about doing things from the heart. To work with passion with each case and with each house.

Our clients hire us to do our best. Our experience, our marketing, our negotiation skills, our tools, our knowledge of the real estate market, our attitude, and above all our heart.

Real estate written on scrabble

The world has been changed by dreamers like us, and from the Realmark brand and all those who. We shape it, we have changed the way we understand the real estate world.


Why Speckled Real Estate?

The astronaut represents everything we believe in:

Training, growth, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, teamwork, and personal leadership. Awareness and responsibility.

The astronaut represents us because, like our agents, he plucks up courage and begins a journey into the unknown.

The astronaut is brave and intelligent and thanks to his knowledge
he is always prepared. For him, an error is not an option.


Quality is a basic aspect of our daily work. If we demand the best we can always give the best to our customers.


We implement the necessary technology that allows the development of our company and adaptation to a digital transformation environment.


We understand the union of the team as a relevant factor to achieve our objectives.


We believe in simplicity in dealing as a fundamental piece to relate to our customers.


We carry out our work seriously, honestly, efficiently, and effectively.


We act consistently, providing information throughout the process.


We are part of a great brand nationwide, and we are in a period of expansion. We have offices throughout Spain and hundreds of real estate agents are already part of our brand. We are an innovative, strong, and technological brand.