The Speckled Real Estate agency is the culmination of two professionals sharing the same passion: real estate.

Created in 2007, the agency has been able, in a few years, to establish itself in the Lille market & its metropolis.

Since then, joined by his three sons our company has continued to develop in several areas of real estate and mainly in the sale and purchase of the real estate, construction, real estate development, and now the rehabilitation and requalification of existing premises.

In the trades of real estate transaction, rental & rental management, and condominium trustee, focusing on its human dimension and customer satisfaction.

Couples in Real Estate Agent's Office | Mark Moz | Flickr

Speckled Real Estate Agency

Speckled Real Estate agency mainly offers new real estate, complying with the energy standards in force. We rely above all on the quality of our services and on our tailor-made professional support to ensure the rental, rental management or sale of your property.

We take care of all the administrative and legal formalities in order to facilitate your real estate transactions and relieve you of this burden.

At Speckled Real Estate, our priority is to provide you with a quality service to accompany you throughout your real estate project.​

Our growing activities and structure in different companies, have led us to form recently, an independent and family group, still managed by the same management called “GROUPE HIM INVEST”.

It is a SAS in the form of a holding company, composed of all our companies and a structure of 7 people with a capital of €4,700,000

Our Quality Charter

The quality of our services depends essentially on Customer satisfaction!
Our reputation has developed around the satisfied customer, and this for more than 10 years. We make it OUR PRIORITY, without ever forgetting the human dimension of our business.