Is The German Shepherd a Dangerous Dog? The Misconception!

We know that there are different breeds of dogs considered dangerous, but is the German shepherd one of them? You may want to know before you bring a new pet into your home, especially if you have other animals or small children. In this article we talk about it, we clear all your doubts and we talk about some dangerous breeds, such as the Doberman or the Pit Bull Terrier. 

The German Shepherd is not a dangerous breed.

Despite being a large dog with a powerful bite, it is not included in Spain in the catalog of dangerous breeds, since it does not meet the specific characteristics. It is a curious fact since it is the canine breed that causes the most bite injuries each year, some of them fatal.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) published in 2012 a statistic that offered enlightening data on attacks carried out by dogs. In this study, those that occurred between 1971 and 2005 were taken into account, and the results pointed to German shepherds as the breed that carried out the most attacks on people.

As we told you, despite being a type of dog that generates a lot of news about injuries and attacks, even to babies, Spanish legislation does not consider it a dangerous breed, something that may puzzle you. That is why we will explain to you later what the dangerous breeds are and why they are characterized.

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German Shepherd Characteristics

We briefly comment that the weight of these animals is usually between 34 and 43 kg, and their height is approximately 64 cm in the case of males and 58 in that of females. They have medium-length hair and normally display a medium energy level.

Regarding its personality, it is important that you know that it is an ideal breed of dog if you have children, since it gets along great with children and with other animals, especially when they grow up together. However, due to their guardian instincts, they may be hesitant and suspicious of strangers. In addition, it is essential that they receive the correct training and good socialization, since, otherwise, they can become nervous, aggressive, and overprotective.

It is also a very active breed that loves to play and do activities. Therefore, you must bear in mind that it is important to dedicate time to leisure and training since it is not a sedentary breed.